Noel Murphy

In any spare time I might have left after work and Tenpin Bowling I can be found strumming away on one of my guitars or ukelele.

Hohner Classical

This is the first guitar I got. It is a Hohner MC-05 Classical Acoustic. Being a classical guitar it has nylon strings and a flat and wide neck.

Yamaha ERG121

This is my second guitar, a Yamaha ERG121. I think it is based on the RG range of guitars produced by Ibanez but are more moderately priced. It has humbucker pickups at the bridge and neck positions and a single coil pickup in the middle position, it also has a tremolo bar.


This is my third quitar, a Collins CS32CKBLS. It is a Semi Acoustic model with a built in pre-amp and a cut away on the lower strings for better access to the higher frets. I have a problem with it as the bridge has lifted from the body. I have tried to fix it back down but it wont stay down fully. This has caused the action to become very high so I have decided to keep this for playing slide guitar, just need to retune it to a more appropriate tuning.

Tanglewood TU-6

This is a Tanglewood TU-6 ukelele that I thought I'd have a go at playing. I must admit that it is now used as an ornament.

Yamaha APX500

This is my latest guitar, a Yamaha APX500. It is a replacement for the Collins but I think it is a much better guitar. It has the same features as the Collins, pre-amp and cutaway, but also a built in tuner.